Jenny Potter in The North Bay Nugget, Ontario, Canada, reports "Another obstacle is out of the way for men at risk of developing prostate cancer." Unfortunately, this is not quite yet the case. As Potter says:

The Ontario government recently announced it will cover the cost of the prostate-specific antigen tests when performed at laboratories.

Currently, publicly funded tests are only available in hospitals, but picking up the tab for those performed in laboratories will make it more convenient for rural patients to be tested.

Trouble is, as Potter's report goes on to explain:

Men must meet a list of criteria in order to avoid paying $30 for the test at a local laboratory.

Patients showing symptoms of prostate cancer, who have received a diagnosis or who are directly related to someone with the disease qualify to be tested for free.

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An extra hour of sleep at night makes most people get up next morning on the right side of the bed. And according to a study published in today's JAMA, people who habitually get that extra hour or more may have better cardiovascular health.

Asleep, photo by MartaLonger sleep, according to research led by University of Chicago epidemiologist Dr. Diane Lauderdale, PhD, makes for substantial reduction in the risk of developing hardened, or calcified, arteries. Coronary artery calcification involves the accumulation of calcified plaques in artery walls. The new research has found an unexpected link between this condition and sleep.

"We have found a robust and novel association between objectively measured sleep duration, " Lauderdale writes, "and 5-year incidence of coronary artery calcification. One hour more of sleep decreased the estimated odds of calcification by 33%."
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