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Dr. Strum's Primer on Prostate Cancer

A Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient's Guide by Stephen Strum, MD & Donna Pogliano. Paperback, 2nd edition. $28.00 or buy used.


Parallel Journeys

PARALLEL JOURNEYS: A Spirited Approach to Coping and Living with Cancer. By Dr. Larry Lachman and Ric Masten. Carmel, CA: Sunink Presentations, 2003. paperback, 284 pages, $15.00 USD How to order. Read review

Seeds of HopeSeeds of Hope: A Physician's Personal Triumph Over Prostate Cancer

by Michael A. Dorso M.D., new $24.95

Here and Now, paperbackHere and Now: Inspiring Stories of Cancer Survivors (Paperback) by Elena Dorfman, Heidi Schultz Adams List Price: $21.95 Price: $14.93

A gay Man's Guide to Prostate Cancer

A Gay Man's Guide To Prostate Cancer by Gerald, Ph.D. Perlman (Editor), Jack, M.D. Drescher (Editor) List Price: $19.95 Price: $13.57

Eat to Beat Prostate CanceCookbook, buy from Amazon

Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook Author: David Ricketts. Published April, 2006. Buy New: $12.97

Prostate cancer for Dummies
Prostate Cancer for Dummies by Paul H. Lange (Author), Christine Adamec
List Price: $21.99 Price: $8.80. You save $13.19 (60%)


Brachytherapy guide, new

Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery
by Michael Dattoli $18.95




Dr. Scardino's Prostate Book

Dr. Peter Scardino's Prostate Book
by Peter Scardino and Judith Kelman $18.45




Prostate & Cancer Family GuideProstate & Cancer:
A Family Guide
to Diagnosis,
Treatment &

by Sheldon Marks MD

Reference book for men concerned about or diagnosed with prostate cancer. $12.57 Paperback - 360 pages Perseus Publishing; 3rd edition (February 4, 2003)


Cáncer de la próstata

Cáncer de la próstata: respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes by Sheldon Marks List price $20; used available.



Prostate Cancer Treatment Book, Blasko

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Book by Peter Grimm, John Blasko and John Sylvester. Paperback, price $10.47




Intimacy with impotenceIntimacy with Impotence: The Couple's Guide to Better Sex after Prostate Disease
by Ralph Alterowitz, Barbara Alterowitz. Price: $10.50


The Lovin Ain't OverThe Lovin' Ain't Over: The Couple's Guide to Better Sex After Prostate Disease
by Ralph Alterowitz, Barbara Alterowitz


Making Love Again

Making Love Again: Hope for Couples Facing Loss of Sexual Intimacy

by Virginia Laken, Keith Laken Price: $24.95



Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide
Dr. Patrick Walsh's
Guide to Surviving
Prostate Cancer
Patrick Walsh MD,
Janet Farrar Worthington
Price: $ 11.87



Management of Prostate Cancer Management of Prostate Cancer
by Eric A. Klein (Editor), Ralph A. Straffon Price: $125.00 Second edition 2004.




Prostate Cancer: Principles and Practice

Principles and Practice

by Philip Kantoff (Editor). Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2002. 748 pages Price: $175.00.


Choices - free booklet

Living with cancer,
dying with dignity

By Molly Sower Sugarman
Free booklet. download as .pdf

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