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February 14, 1999
Valentine's Chocolate Mousse

by Mary Bayer

Valentine's is a good time to share this easy recipe for chocolate mousse. I forget who sent it first. Someone on the Circle who had tried it told us it was great. And so it is.

1 carton tofu, silken type
12 oz chocolate chips
1 Tbls vanilla
1 Tbls olive oil

Melt chocolate, covered in microwave, using the olive oil and minimum heat.
Put tofu in blender or food processor and beat until pudding consistency. Add vanilla and melted chocolate to tofu and beat til well mixed.
Put in refrigerator dish. Cover and refrigerate.
Share with someone you love.
The friend who forwarded it said, "I must admit that I cheated and put it in a graham cracker crumb crust so we'd have a pie. Terrific idea!"
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February 14, 1999