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by Lenny Hirsch

spice measuring spoons by bobbie o, stock xchang I have been fighting Prostate Cancer for seven years. During this period of my life I have been subjected to various treatments. To get more information about the treatments I've searched the Internet. I also joined and became active on various chat groups, which are in fact support groups on an International level. This has meant that I have been and am still in contact with thousands of men throughout the world.

I've noticed the many expert opinions in the treatment and ways of combating cancer. Not having a scientific mind, I've found these theories and the supporting facts very confusing and hard to follow. One of the methods suggested by many experts to help contain and even combat the disease is proper eating habits and food supplements

Every day something new is published about a wonderful new food source that will definitely strengthen the body against cancer. A short time afterwards some expert will prove that this is not the case. For example -- one recently published paper says that a 12 year study of 48,000 men with prostate cancer who eat cold water fish 3 times a week shows their disease improves. Shortly afterwards another paper indicated that farm raised fish (salmon) contain PCBs. There is not much wild salmon around at a reasonable price, so what can one do?

I was and still am in a dilemma what to eat. For the last few years I have not had the money to buy organic foods nor am I able to follow exotic health diets nor to take the many recommended vitamins and food supplements.

I am a professional cook. I enjoy creating new dishes and like the challenge of making dishes that include the so-called essentials for keeping the cancer at bay and wherever possible using natural foods instead of bought vitamins and supplements.

I drew up my own eating program to include what I consider the best and most practical ideas from all the experts' recommendations. Some pointers to my approach:

  • Cost - I'm not wealthy and perhaps you're not either! My eating program aims to be rich in nutrients yet thrifty, not expensive.
  • Balance on the side of health - in my collection of recipes you will see that I avoid fried foods, red meats and most dairy products.
  • Ingredient names - you might find some names strange, around the world there are different names for the same product. I have tried to use the more common name.
  • Measurements, where given are in the metric system.

A word on measurements and exactness -- though I am a professional cook, (or perhaps because of that) I've always found it confusing when following a recipe and a cup of… is called for. What size of cup? The only cups I have are large coffee cups. My daughter, who is an excellent baker, has told me in no uncertain terms that I will never be a baker as I do not stick to exact measurements. As I don't bake cakes this does not worry me.

If you expect cooking to be scientific work, until you get the hang of it every basic instruction turns into a major irritant. I want my cooking to be stress-free from the start. I want to help you to treat cooking as fun exercise --, a game.

I have grouped some of my recipes in categories, example Lycopene. Under this heading you will find dishemade of foods, notably tomato, high in lycopene. I suggest you use my recipes as a guideline. Feel free to add or leave out spices and herbs according to the season and your tastes.

Enjoy yourself
Lenny Hirsch

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Contact: Lenny Hirsch,
Lenny has organized 2 prostate cancer support groups in Israel, Tel Aviv; 0528300467; Haifa and the north 0544570595. On the web:

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