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New Treatment for Edema

Monday, June 1. A new surgical technique for reducing edema following node removal has been tested on patients withcancer of the penis. Lymph node dissection after cancer surgery can lead to swelling of limbs due to the accumulation of fluid from obstruction of the lymph vessels. Sometimes, this problem cannot be treated medically, and can be very disabling.
     In four patients who had serious leg swelling from lymphatic obstruction associated with lymph node surgery, the surgeons adapted a technique to use the testicular lymphatics or gonadal system to reduce the edema successfully.
      They report that they have decreased patient discomfort and reduced leg circumference by more than 30% following this operation. They say that this technique should be considered a surgical treatment option for this type of edema if it is unresponsive to treatment.
     These results were reported at the American Urological Association National Scientific Meeting in San Diego May 30 - June 4 1998.

Testicular Transposition for Treatment of Chronic Lymphedema Following Inguinal Node Dissection
-- (Owen Prowse)

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