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Nov 1998 - March 1999
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African-American Men Benefit from Early Detection and Treatment African-American men tend to develop more virulent prostate cancer. Evidence from Duke University for screening and early detection finds that African Americans with organ-confined disease respond to surgery as well as white men with the same stage and type of disease.

Low Level of p27 Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer
If prostate cancer patients could be tested to find out how aggressive their cancer might be, they and their doctors could make much better choices about the type of treatment likely to be most effective. A protein pinpointed recently may help do just that — predict whether a given prostate tumor might grow and spread quickly, or take a slower course.

New Vaccine in Early Tests on Prostate Cancer Patients
A new vaccine for prostate cancer made at the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research is being given to patients who have had prostate cancer surgery. The aim is to ward off a recurrence.This is the first synthetic vaccine to target carbohydrates on the surface of tumor cells.

Angiostatin Plus Radiation Adding low doses of angiostatin to standard radiation therapy dramatically improves the response to cancer treatment in animal models without increasing toxicity, say researchers at the University of Chicago.


bcl-2/bax Ratio Marker for Response to Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer Markers for predicting response to radiotherapy would make treatment decisions easier. Some cancer cells are resistant, causing the treatment to fail. Ratio of bcl-2 to bax may provide one such marker.

Experienced Surgeons Save Lives One of the first questions a prostate cancer patient who is considering surgery should ask his surgeon is, "How often do you perform this procedure?" That question should be followed up with, "How often is the procedure performed in this hospital?"

For High-Risk Patients Taking Radiotherapy, Adding Hormone Therapy Increases Survival   says UCSF radiation oncologist Mac Roach, III, MD. Also, Roach finds that whole-pelvis radiation improves survival for high-risk patients, who may have micro metastases.

New Cancer Gene, Bcl-10 U. K. scientists have found a new gene mutation, in Bcl-10, which plays a key role in metastasis of common forms of cancer. We link to Cell, BBC News, and to recent work on the p53 gene in prostate cancer.


Shiitake Mushroom Extract in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial at UC, Davis Investigators at UC are studying a nutritional supplement derived from mushrooms to see if it can reduce tumor activity in men with prostate cancer. The six-month pilot study, beginning late January, is the first human trial outside of Japan.

Discovery About PTEN Gene May Lead to New Treatments for Prostate Cancer New treatments for men with metastatic prostate cancer could develop from recent discoveries about a pathway that can carry excessive growth signals to prostate cells. The hope is to find a way to shut down that pathway, says UCLA's Dr. Charles Sawyers.




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