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Standard Biopsies Miss 1 Out Of 7 Prostate Cancers, Study Says July 5, 2001

Disarming Cancer With Healthy Lifestyle - European EPIC Study June 26 2001

Vitamin C produces gene-damaging compounds in test-tube

New treatment approach for recurrent prostate cancer After Failed Prostatectomy or Radiation, First Chemotherapy, Then Hormonal Blockade June 13, 2001

African-American Prostate Cancer Survival Gap May Be Closing - June 4, 2001

Hormonal Blockade for prostate cancer may cause rapid severe bone loss Jun 5, 2001

PC-SPES Spares Bone Density Loss of Hormonal Blockade, UCSF study finds May 14, 2001

Docetaxel, Estramustine and Low-Dose Hydrocortisone for Advanced Prostate Cancer CALGB Phase II study, current trials - and how it feels if a chemo is pushed too fast May 5, 2001

Results of Phase 3 Studies of Prostate Cancer Drug Abarelix in Early and Late-stage Patients June 4 2001

Quality of Life Patterns Tied to Treatment Choice for Localized Prostate Cancer June 2, 2001

Roll Over, Viagra? Vardenafil Helps Men Stay the Course to Orgasm, Phase II Study Shows June 2 1001

Abbot Laboratories announces European approval of Uprima - new oral treatment for ... ED patients May 30 2001

IL-2 Immunotherapy Curbs Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer May 26, 2001

Apple compound may help treat hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, March 27, 2001

Vitamins C, E fight side effect of pelvic radiation for cancer March 20 2001

Surgery v Radiotherapy - Different Impacts on Quality of Life March 13 2001

No increased heart deaths in UK Viagra users PSA Rising, March 18 2001

Vitamins C, E fight side effect of pelvic radiation for cancer, study says : March 20 2001

Surgery v Radiotherapy - Different Impacts on Quality of Life: March 13 2001

Blood Thinner, Heparin, Stops Cancer from Hiding from Immune System Under Platelet "Cloak"

PC SPES, Herbal Compound, Lowers PSA in Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer, UCSF Study Finds

3D-CRT Lowers Treatment Complications For Early Stage Prostate Cancer Patients

Radiation Spares Erectile Function Better Than Prostate Surgery, Study Says

Twenty-eight Months Hormone Needed to Boost Radiation Therapy for Men With High Risk Prostate Cancer

Screen for Prostate Cancer at age 40, New Study Says Then Cut Frequency of Follow Up Exams

UCSF enrolling prostate and other patients for stem cell trial

Rectal bleeding after radiation therapy for prostate cancer: check for other disease

Hormone blockade makes radiation therapy more effective for early-stage prostate cancer

Tumor-Specific Antibody Works Without "Warhead"

Five Natural Cancer Fighter Proteins Identified

High Dose 3-D Radiation Better Than Expected For Aggressive Early Prostate Cancer

Exisulind, a SAAND Drug, Stabilizes Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Advances in Blocking Pain From Cancer Spread to Bones

Four Years Disease Free Indicates Cure, Radiation Study Claims

"Breathalyizer" Before Chemo to Help Avoid Toxic Shocks

hK2 Test for Organ-Confined Prostate Cancer

Preventing Nerve Damage (Neuropathy) from Taxanes and Platinum Chemo - New Drug in Trials

"Universal" Cancer Vaccine Tested in Lab on Prostate Cancer Cells

New Test, T-beta15, Predicts Prostate Cancer Spread From Biopsy Sample

Early prostate cancer detected in molecular-based urine test

Viagra Linked to Heart Attack in Fairly Young, Healthy Men

Clinical Trials from Hell: In Alza's Viadur Study, Watching Testosterone Flare

Free PSA Test Just as Effective for Black Men, Spares Biopsies

High Dose 3DC Radiation Raises 5-yr Cure Rates

Hi-Tech Brachytherapy Uses Digital Planning

New target antigen, called STEAP, for prostate cancers

Vitamin D as Treatment for Prostate Cancer -- Study Started

Taxol Combination Therapy Using Drug From Rainforest Tree Targets Cell Division Process, Dana-Farber Says

Combretastatin Shrinks Tumors But Causes Tumor Pain and Cardiovascular Stress

Conventional Hormonal Treatment for Prostate Cancer Challenged

Herceptin Plus Taxol Look Promising, Trials Started

High-Dose Conformal Radiation Helps Patients with Higher PSA's

IMRT Accurately Delivers Radiation to Early Prostate Cancer, Lowers Tissue Damage and Risk of Rectal Bleeding

Yale Prostate Cancer Seeding Study Shows Palladium-103 Superior to Older Therapy

Soy Substances Slow Prostate Cancer Growth In Animals

New Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Detection and Treatment

Same PSA Levels in Older Men May Mask Worse Disease

PC-SPES Herbal Therapy Cuts PSA Levels In Men With Advanced Prostrate Cancer

Assessing Risk Of Cancer After Radical Prostate Surgery, a New Formula

Taxotere, Emyct and Hydrocortisone "Effective" For Advanced Prostate Cancer

Her-2 Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer

Replacing p53 Gene Shrinks Prostate CancerTumors

Pollution Impact on Prostate Cancer

Actiq, New Drug for "Breakthrough" Cancer Pain

Cancer Pain Often Undertreated in Nursing Homes

Duke Researchers Discover More About How Anti-cancer drug Angiostatin Works

Plant-based Fats May Cut Risk of Prostate Cancer by reducing testosterone and enzymes that activate it

Improving End-of-Life Care for Prostate Cancer Patients With Terminal Disease

Butyltins Contaminate Some Foods and May Inhibit Cancer-Fighting White Blood Cells

I-Kappa B, New Gene Switch

Bee Venom Used to Develop Cancer Treatments with Fewer Side Effects

Seattle Team Map Gene for Inherited Prostate Cancer

Common Prostate Cancer On/Off Switches Found

Plant-based Fats May Cut Risk of Prostate Cancer by reducing levels of testosterone

Clinical Trial for Patients With Bone Cancer Pain

Calcium and Vitamin D Protect Prostate Against Dietary Fat

Disability, Caregiving, and Health Stress From Isolation and Suppressed Anger

Another Piece of the Angiogenesis Puzzle - VEGF

Electrical 'Acupuncture' May Relieve Pain From Bone Mets

African American Men Benefit from Early Detection and Surgery

bcl-2/bax Ratio Marker for Response Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

For High-Risk Patients Taking Radiotherapy, Hormone Therapy

Increases Survival (and whole-pelvis radiation may do so too)

Does it Matter How Many Cancer Operations Your Surgeon Has Done?

Done? Study Says Surgeon's Experience Impacts Patient Survival

A Gene for Prostate Cancer on X Chromosome, Inherited from Mother

Discovery About PTEN Gene May Lead to New Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Low level of p27 Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Combretastatin A-4, from African Willow, in Phase I Trials

New Vaccine in Early Tests on Prostate Cancer Patients

Angiostatin Plus Radiation

Linomide Plus TAMs Inhibit Prostate Some Cancer Cell Growth

Agouron's AG3340 in Clinical Trials

Nerve Mapping To Keep Sexual Function After Radical Surgery

PC-SPES Tests Positive for Estrogen, Lowers Testosterone

Shark Cartilage Fails Clinical Trial

Enhanced Ultrasound for Brachytherapy

Viagra by the Numbers

"Free" PSA Test Could Spare Need for Biopsies

Proscar (finasteride) Fails to Protect Men at High Risk

Gout drug, Allopurinol, for Cancer Warning

IGF Crystal Discovery Puts Shape on Hormone Messages to Cancer Cells

IGF-1 New Hormonal Prostate Cancer Marker

"Disgraceful Tragedy": African-American CaP Crisis

Bcl-2 Gene Linked to Prostate Cancer in African-Americans

Late Diagnosis, Poor Care for African Americans

African-Americans Sought for Study

Trials for Elderly May Help Men With Prostate Cancer

New Treatment for Edema (Experimental Surgery)

Pain Killer from Frog

Leukemia as After-effect of Etoposide - Trying to Counter It

Aloe Vera Injections Kill Prostate Cancer Patient

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