Tyler Jacks works at MIT
"We are at an exciting time in our understanding of cancer and the way we're approaching how we treat it..." Tyler Jacks Ph.D. Watch video in this article.
In his last year as President, Obama has tasked Vice President Joe Biden with one of the most important scientific initiatives of our time. In four years’ time and just over fifty years after the original Moonshot, Biden hopes to reach a hypothetical moon by finding a cure for cancer.

Since then, VP Biden has been hard at work collaborating with our nation’s top doctors, researchers, and health organizations in order to set the Moonshot up for success. The goals set forward by the Vice President for the initiative are

  • Accelerate our understanding of cancer and its prevention, early detection, treatment, and cure
  • Improve patient access and care
  • Support greater access to new research, data, and computational capabilities
  • Encourage development of cancer treatments
  • Identify and address any unnecessary regulatory barriers and consider ways to expedite administrative reforms
  • Ensure optimal investment of federal resources
  • Identify opportunities to develop public-private partnerships and increase coordination of the federal government's efforts with the private sector, as appropriate.

With these goals, the Moonshot stands its best chance to accomplish what it sets out to do while allowing organizations to work with one another without the usual restraints. ...continue reading "The Cancer Moonshot Initiative"