Wear Plaid for Dad, launched in Canada, is a new campaign to raise prostate cancer awareness.  Join people across Canada leading up to Father’s Day by wearing plaid on June 19th.

Prostate Cancer Canada has launched Wear Plaid for Dad June 19.
Prostate Cancer Canada has launched Wear Plaid for Dad June 19.

Prostate Cancer Canada organizers say:

Why Wear Plaid?

Leading up to Father’s Day, a time when the focus is already on men and families, we can help raise awareness and funds to help protect men from prostate cancer -  the most common cancer affecting men.
So please on June 19th join people across Canada and Wear Plaid for Dad. Whether it’s a shirt, a tie, a scarf, or even a suit – if it’s plaid it’ll work! With just a simple wardrobe choice, you’ll be helping protect the 1 in 8 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
Visit Prostate Cancer Canada's event web site  for more details.

Phil MasleyPhil Masley, now living in Orlando, FL, since his treatment in 2005 has been active creating newsletters and press releases for 13 support groups in Central Florida. Prior to his volunteer work to help raise prostate cancer awareness, Phil was in advertising and sales promotion at GM and involved in PR for four charities in Indianapolis with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt.

Phil's two-page newsletter The Florida Prostate Cancer Connection includes items like these below.

Not only during PC Awareness Month
each September, but all year long


Although prostate cancer does not receive the attention it deserves, here is what the President of the United States has to say, along with information on a growing number of events designed to increase awareness and raise funds for research.
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Drop Everything and fight cancers below the waist! is the slogan of Underwear Affair, a fundraising and awareness event initiated in Canada and now reaching Los Angeles and beyond.

People hit the streets of Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Los Angeles dressed in everything from briefs and boy-shorts to t-shirts and tracksuits to help fund life-saving research for cancers like prostate, colorectal, cervical, ovarian, and others that occur below the waist.
Underwear Affair City of Hope

Runners and walkers of all ages and athletic abilities join in dressed for hilarious fun. After the races, the Underwear Affair party features dancing and an outrageous costume contest.

For video of last year's event in Vancouver ...

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African American men continue to have the highest rates of prostate cancer on the planet and the greatest risk of dying of the disease. An award-winning documentary entitled The Silent Killer: Prostate Cancer, now available on DVD, shows African American men sharing support and info about screening, life-saving choices, and quality of life.
Watch a 1 minute clip:
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Discovery & Challenge: The State of Prostate Cancer Research
A Roundtable Discussion with Leading U.S. Experts

Alvin Chin, Prostate Cancer Survivor & Advocate, Virginia Prostate Coalition, joins  oncologists Howard Scher MD, Donald S. Coffey, PhD,  Peter S. Nelson, MD and representatives from research and the Pharma industry  for a round table discussion April 23.

You can make your voice heard by joining the conference by phone and emailing questions during the Q&A period.

Hosted by the Prostate Cancer Foundation, this round table discussion will feature commentary from eight U.S. experts in the field of prostate cancer research and treatment. The program will focus on the following areas:

* The current prevalence of prostate cancer
* Reaching beyond the PSA screening debate
* Promising scientific breakthroughs
* Challenges ahead for research and discovery
* Funding for continued research
* Models for furthering progress

The National Press Club – First Amendment Lounge
529 14th Street NW, Washington D.C.

and via telephone access
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Jenny Potter in The North Bay Nugget, Ontario, Canada, reports "Another obstacle is out of the way for men at risk of developing prostate cancer." Unfortunately, this is not quite yet the case. As Potter says:

The Ontario government recently announced it will cover the cost of the prostate-specific antigen tests when performed at laboratories.

Currently, publicly funded tests are only available in hospitals, but picking up the tab for those performed in laboratories will make it more convenient for rural patients to be tested.

Trouble is, as Potter's report goes on to explain:

Men must meet a list of criteria in order to avoid paying $30 for the test at a local laboratory.

Patients showing symptoms of prostate cancer, who have received a diagnosis or who are directly related to someone with the disease qualify to be tested for free.

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Charlottesville VA Prostate Cancer Awareness Race
Hundreds of men hit the ground running today in Charlottesville, VA to help find a cure for prostate cancer. And according to local NBC-29 news station, some of those men are much healthier for participating.
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