Mailing Lists for Prostate Cancer Problems & Support

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Mailing Lists for Prostate Cancer Problems & Support


Email support for prostate cancerA selection of mailing lists and online forums or bulletin boards for men and family members who are dealing with prostate cancer and seek discussion, sharing and peer support.

The Prostate Problems Mailing List

PPML provides a forum for prostate cancer survivors, their families, and their supportive friends to exchange information about prostate cancer. Medical professionals sometimes also contribute to the discussions.

Prostate Pointers Mailings Lists at US Too!

Lists for men interested in or following specific treatment specialties, including brachytherapy -- Seedpods -- RP, EBRTand CHT. Features a patient-to-physician list (P2P), an intimacy in the context of PCa list, called PCAI, and The Circle, a place for sharing "offering support for wives, families, friends, and significant others of men with prostate cancer -- and, of course, the men themselves." Main page for all lists is here.

YANA - Your Are Not Alone

Operating internationally, owned and managed by survivor Terry Herbert, now residing in Melbourne, Australia.

"We want to provide comfort to any man diagnosed with prostate cancer, to offer thoughtful support to him and his family and to help them to decide how best to deal with the diagnosis by providing them with and guiding them to suitable information, being mindful at all times that it is the individual's ultimate choice that the path he decides to follow is his own and that of his family, based on his particular circumstances."

Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer (HRPCa)

Online Support List

"The HRPCa On-line Support List is an internet forum for men with diagnosed hormone-refractory prostate cancer and for their families and caregivers. We have found that once a man is diagnosed with HRPC, he is fighting a different battle than that waged against the earlier stages. This forum allows families fighting HRPC to share their experiences candidly with others similarly committed."

A Prostate Cancer Forum for Ladies Only

We are dedicated to educating women about Prostate Cancer; its treatments and side effects - preparing them to better care for their loved ones throughout the course of their illness and their grief beyond. A safe place to help deal with both medical and non-medical concerns, and also the emotional and life style changes that accompany the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

Prostate Cancer Support at Yahoo

Advanced Prostate Cancer at Yahoo

Protons for Prostate Cancer at Yahoo

Support Groups for Prostate Cancer Worldwide


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