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About Us

PSA Rising provides prostate cancer news, information and support

Our mission is to provide prostate cancer news, information and support to empower men to avoid, overcome, survive and/or live with this disease with well-being and dignity.

What makes our mission distinctive is that we have always focused on gathering and reporting information from a patient-centered, evidence-based standpoint. In doing so we aim to:

  • Alert the public to prostate disease and prostate cancer
  • Inform the public about prevention and early detection of prostate cancer
  • Inform patients of treatment options along with risks and benefits
  • Empower patients to take an active role in selecting the best treatments
  • Push for better treatment options for men with recurrent and advanced metastatic prostate cancer
  • Raise standards of prostate cancer care and advocate for accessible quality care for all patients
  • Provide information about clinical trials and biotechnology advances
  • Advocate for quality pain management, cancer disability resources, and quality end-of-life care.

Sticking to the mantra News, info, & support we try keep this web site non-dogmatic. Psa-rising.com has always been independent. At the same time we strive to help newcomers feel at home among the range of support groups and community associations available on and off line.

Jacquie Strax

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Ph. 475-362-4347

J. Strax
PSA Rising
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September 22, 2009.

In memory

Bertha Goldberg Strax 1910-1948

Philip Strax M.D. 1909-99

Norman Strax Ph.D. 1935-2002

Norman StraxNorman

And my father, Arthur Jack Colman 1912-2001.

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Site Reviews

Independent reviewers have rated PSA Rising first for "accuracy, ease of navigation, relevance, updates and completeness" among "web sites with specific content related to prostate cancer." Reviewers were Dr. Neil Abraham (Cleveland Clinic) and Dr. David Bostwick (Bostwick Labs and U of Virginia). Their article "Prostate Cancer on the Internet: Review 2002," is published in Prostate Cancer: Science and Clinical Practice by Jack Mydlo, Ciril J. Godec, Academic Press, 2003.

PSA Rising carries paid advertising, marked as such.

News coverage and editorial content are made independently of advertising.

We display unpaid and unsolicited links to prostate cancer support groups and email lists and to recognized cancer centers, cancer journals, medical science labs, and so on.

We also link, unsolicited and unpaid, to news about medical and drug developments that we choose to cover as matters of interest to site visitors.


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