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Voices - Living with Prostate Cancer

Coping with prostate cancer: Join the fight!

When architect Ludwick Papaurelis designed the prostate cancer laboratory for Montréal General Hospital in Montréal, Québec, Canada he did not expect that he himself would be diagnosed with this same disease several years later. Read Ludwick's story: Read more...

Survivor Voices

Options, Age & Failure: Aggressive Prostate Cancer With Low PSA

A Simple Blood Test

"At age 39, a doctor told me I was too young for prostate cancer. But I wasn't. Now I'm living with treatment side effects."

Ric Masten: Digital Exam and Bilateral Orchiectomy

In the same boat. Illustration by Ric Masten

drawing by Ric Masten

Damon Phinney:
Riding the Rockies

Maynard Berkowitz: What Makes A Man

Ludwick and Marija Papaurelis

Ludwick and Marija Papaurelis

Coping with prostate cancer: the partner's point of view

Molly Sower Sugarman

Orchids by RemindLove Poems: "Rain Tasters"



Gary Elgort
I Will Read Your Words Too


David Nawrocki: Living In the Nanosecond: My Prostate Cancer Clock


Frederick Mills:
True Healing and the "Quick Fix"

and Disease as a Spiritual Path


Burns Mixon: A Hundred Men


Wendy Dyer: Men Need to Know About Prostate Cancer


Charlie Gould: Mother's Day


Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook

Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook
by David Ricketts



A Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient's Guide
by Stephen Strum, MD & Donna Pogliano. Paperback, 2nd edition. $19.11 or buy used.

Intimacy with Impotence by Ralph Alterowitz

Intimacy with Impotence: The Couple's Guide to Better Sex after Prostate Disease
by Ralph Alterowitz, Barbara Alterowitz. Price: $10.20

Authors' Bios

Ludwick Papaurelis lives with his wife Marija in Ontario. As design architect of the prostate cancer laboratory at the
Montreal General Hospital in Montreal, Québec, Ludwick did not expect that he himself would be diagnosed with this same disease several
years later.

Marija Papaurelis lives in Ontario with her husband and partner, Ludwick. A certified organic farmer, she also formerly managed her husband’s architectural firm.

Ric Masten in Monterey, CA, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 1999. Ric is musician, artist and a "speaking poet." At his new website Ric Masten Presentations you can hear him read and sing and buy his books.

Damon Phinney was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his late fifties. In his early seventies his passion was cycling. He was one of the founders of Cyclists Combating Cancer, now called Ride to Live. Radiation to mets in the pelvis the summer before he wrote his essay wiped out leg pain. Damon looked forward to El Tour de Tucson and doing the 111 mile option. His wife, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren cheered him on.

Maynard Berky Berkowitz lives in Nevada. Over the years he has been a regular contributor to The Circle and other e-mail support lists. Berky, nicknamed The Warrior, participated in clinical trials at UCSF and has has been active in raising prostate cancer awareness - and courage - wherever he goes.

Molly Sower Sugarman writes for the daily press in California. Download her free booklet Living with Prostate Cancer, Dying With Dignity (from this site).

Gary Elgort was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 41. He explains how he made his choice of treatment and shares his feelings as he went ahead.

David Nawrocki has worked as a professional tap dancer and acrobat, neurobiologist, social worker and psychotherapist. David lives in San Antonio. He recently started a book, "The Gift of Illness: One Man's Journey with Cancer."

Burns Mixon wrote A Hundred Men as a letter to friends who urged more hope and less despair. Posted on The Circle, an e-mail support list, A Hundred Men helped inspire PSA Rising. Burns lives (and boats) with his wife and family in Florida. 

Frederick Mills at times lives aboard his sail boat in the Northwest. Since his diagnosis with prostate cancer in late 1991, he has counselled many patients and their families, and has been active in the formation of several national prostate cancer organizations. In Disease as a Spiritual Path, Fred traces a journey from Vietnam, where he served as a Marine, to his experience with prostate cancer "as fuel for... waking up." In True Healing and the "Quick Fix," Fred asks, What if a cure for cancer were found-- would that be enough for true healing?

Wendy Dyer, at age 33, wrote Men Need to Know About Prostate Cancer for a newspaper in Maine, where she and her husband Bill, 47, are raising their three sons. Since Bill's prostate cancer was diagnosed, Wendy has reached out to raise awareness in her state. In the fall of '98, Wendy entered college to study English. June 2003, she graduated.

Charlie Gould is a cancer survivor twice over. A collection of his poetry, Charlie's Beach, is online. Charlie Gould's poems may soon be at the University of Pennsylvania Oncolink site.

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