Rick Ward, Prostate Cancer Awareness advocate, of Deer Lodge, Montana and San Antonio, TXRick Ward, of Deer Lodge, Montana and San Antonio,Texas, a pioneering prostate cancer awareness advocate and activist, died recently of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Rick, an Air Force veteran aged 71, will be remembered for his tremendous contribution to Seedpods brachytherapy mailing list, for his dedication to helping Veterans faced with cancer and other health problems, for popularizing the sky blue ribbon as an emblem of prostate cancer awareness, and for advocating for equitable funding for prostate cancer research.

Rick discovered he had prostate cancer at age 56 in September 1994 in Deer Lodge, Montana when a PSA test at a free screening clinic during Prostate Cancer Awareness Week came back at a high 14 ng/mL. He called the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4CANCER; and as an early internet user, he joined one of the start-up online mailing lists. ...continue reading "Rick Ward: Pioneer Prostate Cancer Activist"

Prosstate cancer patients, families and advocates rally in Washington DC June 4th to demand Approve Provenge Now

A crowd of about 70 people led by prostate cancer advocates marched and rallied in Washington, D.C. on June 4 to call on the FDA to Approve Provenge Now.

Thomas Farrington

Thomas Farrington of Prostate Health Education Network addressed the group.

Jan Manarite of Raise a Voice

Raise a Voice organizer Jan Manarite introduced speakers including Tom Farrington and Dr. Mark Moyad.

Podium with Jan, Thomas Farrington, malecare petition poster

The petition campaign was organized by malecare.com.

Visit Joel Nowak's advancedprostatecancer.net blog,
Provenge Advocacy Hits the News

Help My Dad Live! sign carried at Prostate Cancer rally

Organizer Jan Manarite receives a hug

from her son, who carried the message

"Help My Dad Live"

On June 5, campaigners met with FDA director Andrew von Eschenbach.

View ABC-TV video here. See photos of the rally (by brad.wick) and video of Mark Moyad's speech.

Washington DC walk & assembly

When: Monday, June 4th


To display our unified dissatisfaction with recent FDA Provenge ruling, and gain news coverage as the largest D.C. prostate cancer assembly ever held (350 or more). We are raising a voice for prostate cancer once again, and the unmet need for more treatment options for advanced PC patients. We are building on what we accomplished together at the March 29th FDA Provenge review meeting.

We ARE newsworthy! (ABC, NBC, CNBC, Seattle Times, and Wall St Journal so far)

We ARE a powerful voice and force!

We ARE a larger group of voting taxpayers than the government seems to realize.

We WANT better communication and representation!

How can an organization claim to be objective when they've totally lost sight of the object? We ARE the object.

Attire: Blue shirt, any type
Blue jeans, jean shorts, or jean skirt (or something comparable).
Those who have a military or law enforcement job, wear your uniform if you can.
Those in the medical field, wear your uniform if you like.
(we will have blue rain ponchos in case of inclement weather for $1 donation)
Wear comfortable shoes.
Bring water.

Signs: Inquire with Jan on content. There are strict regulations for signs, but signmakers are welcome. Again, you must inquire with Jan at (239) 395-0995 or June4th@comcast.net

Visual Ideas:
Bring men & women in uniform.
Bring a friend, family member.
We are working on having music.
We are working on trucks with blue ribbon, etc.
Motorcycles canNOT find a place to park, so not a workable idea.

This is being organized by Jan Manarite of PCRI, and Raise A Voice. Jan helped to organize and coordinate the success at the March 29th FDA Provenge review meeting. Our plan is to make this another memorable, meaningful event for men with prostate cancer.Washington DC walk & assembly