Eight year old GAvin Rodden fights rhabdo with chemoGavin Rodden, the 8 year boy fighting metastatic muscle cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, which began in muscle in his prostate, now has a web page at CaringBridge, Gavin the Strong:


Gavin is taking chemotherapy in Houston. To donate to the Medical Fund that Shannon's employer has set up for Gavin (see details in our previous post) send a check, in any amount, payable to Gavin Rodden Medical Fund and mail to:
Citizens’ National Bank
PO Box 1009
TX 75653-1009
To validate the address and the fund you may contact the bank from this page: https://www.cnbtexas.com/#/contact-us
Or donate to "Gavin Rodden's Hospital Fund" via PayPal.

Gavin Rodden, age 8, has a rare muscle cancer. Photo credit: KLTV.Eight-year-old Gavin Rodden was diagnosed recently with a rare childhood cancer, which began in his prostate.

Rhabdomyosarcoma (Rhab-do-my-o-sarcoma) is an aggressive form of cancer that starts in a muscle cell and may spread quite rapidly. In Gavin's case the cancer has already spread from the prostate to his lungs. Possible treatments include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and options in clinical trials.

This little boy is facing challenges that any man might find overwhelming.

We feel some guys might like to add some big brother outreach to back up the support Gavin is already receiving from East Texans. ...continue reading "Gavin Rodden, age 8, fights a rare childhood cancer that began in his prostate"