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Intimacy and sex: The unspoken casualties of cancer Feb 17, 2007

Survivor Voices

Men talk about diagnosis, treatment, side effects and concerns about recurrence ... and share inspiration.

Options, Age & Failure: Aggressive Prostate Cancer With Low PSA

A Simple Blood Test

"At age 39, a doctor told me I was too young for prostate cancer. But I wasn't. Now I'm living with treatment side effects."

Ric Masten: Digital Exam and Bilateral Orchiectomy (February 26, 2000)

Molly Sower Sugarman:"Rain Tasters" (love poems )

Damon Phinney: Riding the Rockies

Maynard Berkowitz: What Makes A Man

Jim Fuks and HannahJim Fulks, Living out loud 1999


Gary Elgort I Will Read Your Words Too Gary, diagnosed in his early 40s, chose surgery.

David Nawrocki: Living In the Nanosecond: My Prostate Cancer Clock

Frederick Mills: True Healing and the "Quick Fix" and Disease as a Spiritual Path

Burns Mixon: A Hundred Men

Wendy Dyer: Men Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

Charlie Gould: Mother's Day


Ludwick and Marija Papaurelis

Architect Ludwick Papaurelis designed the prostate cancer laboratory Montreal General Hospital. Québec. He did not expect that he himself would be diagnosed with this same disease several years later. Read Ludwick's story:

Coping with prostate cancer:
Join the fight!

And from Ludwick's wife and partner Marija Papaurelis, read:

Coping with prostate cancer: the partner's point of view.

In the same boat. Illustration by Ric Masten

drawing by Ric Masten

Inspirations: Take a Moment to Unwind Photos, poetry links, bird cams


Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook

Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook Author: David Ricketts; Buy New: $12.97

Intimacy with Impotence by Ralph Alterowitz

Intimacy with Impotence: The Couple's Guide to Better Sex after Prostate Disease
by Ralph Alterowitz, Barbara Alterowitz. Price: $10.20


A Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient's Guide
by Stephen Strum, MD & Donna Pogliano. Paperback, 2nd edition. $19.11 or buy used.

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