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Lenny Hirsch

Lenny Hirsch, PCa survivor, support group founder and patient advocate.


Sad Day by Lenny Hirsch
I am sad and very angry. Sad, because my friend Asher Alkobi died to-day. Very angry, because there was no reason for him to have died. July/August 2005

Can You Trust Your Doctor? by Lenny Hirsch. "Unfortunately, in many cases the answer is no." July/August 2005

Advocacy Issues: Job loss after cancer

Have you lost your job because of prostate cancer diagnosis or treatment? You'll find some legal aid links for cancer patients here:

Employment rights of cancer patients/survivors

Calgary Prostate Cancer Institute

Calgary Prostate Cancer Institute has a new resource center.

Department of Defense money for prostate cancer research 2005-2006: Short by $5 million "The missing ingredient, onco-politics aside, is the grassroots to back up our claims and arguments," says NPCC V-P and COO, Skip Lockwood. May 18, 2005.

The critical program for prostate cancer research at the Department of Defense is in danger, and National Prostate Cancer Coalition appealed for help May 16 2005 for all survivors and advocates to put the full court press on key Appropriations Committee legislators. Full story

Prostate Cancer Funds Slashed in California Budget cuts are forcing shutdown of the state's first-in-the-nation prostate cancer program for low-income men who lack health insurance Feb 6 2004.

NIH Conference On Cancer and Vitamin D11 Oct 2004
In one corner were scientists who are trying to develop potentially profitable analogues of vitamin D to treat cancer. In the other corner, vitamin D experts and other scientists who say plain old cheap vitamin D may be just as good than the analogues to help fight cancer. READ MORE

Man With Hesitant Stream With UK Survival Rates in the Toilet, Government and Doctors Stay Focused on Symptoms Yet Urge Patients to Become "Involved" with Cancer Care Oct 27 2003


PC SPES, One Man's Story Raleigh, N.C. July 19, 2001

Father's Fight Leads Son to Organize Run to End Prostate Cancer May 4, 2001

US Too! Never Paid, NPCC Spokesman says April 6, 2001

NPCC Saddened As US Too! Quits April 5, 2001

US TOO! Quits NPCCApril 3, 2001

Patient Advocates Help UCSF Win Multi Million NCI SPORE Grant by Howard Waage The ACS Shredder: Effort to Censor PCA Awareness Stamp Message, Says USPS Report by Les Winick, March 2000

ACS Field Document on Policy for Awareness Stamp Leaked by US Postal Service March 2000

Steve CormanUSPS View of Why the Prostate Cancer Awareness Stamp Isn't Selling Steve Corman, February 2000

ACS, Under Fire, Told Don't Discount Patients
January 2000

I Have a Dream - A Journey Across America For Prostate Cancer Don Cooley, January 2000

Cancer vs. Kosovo: Funding the Wars
Steve Corman, Sept 1999

Hyde Lethal Drug Abuse Act Defeated by Physician-Patient Coalition, January 1999

Disclosure of Prostate Cancer Treatments Effects Needed Mario Menelly, December 1998

Medicare Jeopardizes Trust Over Cost of Lupron Harry Pinchot November 24 1998

Prostate Cancer Action Network (PCAN), New Coalition
November 20, 1998

Medicare Aims to Make Patients Quit Lupron, Switch to Zoladex or Pay Extra Harry Pinchot, November 1, 1998

Lethal Drug Act Will Restrict Cancer Patients' Pain Treatments Katherine Meade, August 1998

Relative Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Methods of Androgen Suppression in the Treatment of Advanced Prostatic Cancer (Evidence Report, HCPR)

California Contacts re: Least Costly Alternative

Medicare's Lupron Surcharge Goes Ahead in California
Harry Pinchot
April-May 1998

A Grassroots Cover January 1998

Debate Update -- Ribbon Vote November 1997

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