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African Americans and Prostate Cancer

quoteCancer is not an inescapable fact of life. Things we do, and social policies, make a huge difference.unquoteAmerican Cancer Society.

African-American men are more likely to get prostate cancer. They are also more likely to die from the disease. Screening is a key to choice and change.

Results of Largest Genome-Wide Linkage Study of Prostate Cancer Among African American Men. May lead to improved diagnosis and treatment,. Oct 2006.

You have reasons to take care of your health!Black men significantly less likely to undergo prostate cancer screening September 27, 2004 — Although black men in the United States are more likely than white men to be diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and have a two-fold greater risk of dying from it, they are significantly less likely to be screened for prostate cancer, according to a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital study.

Smoking linked to more than 60 percent of overall cancer death burden in black men 22-Apr-2004 The overall cancer death rate for African-American males would drop by nearly two-thirds -- without any other intervention -- if their exposure to tobacco smoke was eliminated, a new study suggests. Source: University of California, Davis - Medical Center

Study Confirms PSA Test Reduces Prostate Cancer Deaths in Blacks and Whites National Cancer Institute Aug 30 2003

Treatment Gap - Black men less likely to be treated for aggressive prostate cancer, UMHS study finds April 2, 2004. Black men with the most aggressive form of prostate cancer are less likely than white men to receive surgery or radiation therapy, according to a new study by University of Michigan Health System researchers.

Racial Difference in Androgen Receptor May Explain Aggressive Prostate Cancer in African-American Men PSA Rising Sept 4 2003

Gene Researchers Woo Black Men at Risk for Prostate Cancer PSA Rising, New York, July 27, 2003 -- Black men face a much higher risk of prostate cancer than whites, and a higher risk of dying from the disease. Today, researchers who believe they are zeroing in on answers say that too few African-American men have ever been involved enough to find out if promising genetic findings apply to African-American as well as Caucasian men."

Father's Fight Leads Son to Organize - Feet for the Fight Against Prostate Cancer May 4, 2001

African-American Prostate Cancer Crisis

Minorities Get Poor Care for Prostate Cancer and Pain; In Texas, Spanish-Speaking Minorities Receive Inferior Pain Care

African Americans Suffer More Aggressive PCa, Need Screening, Study Says

Seattle Prostate Cancer Gene Study Seeks African-American Participants

bcl-2 Gene Linked to Prostate Cancer in African Americans

Prostate Gene CAPB Mapped at U of Washington

No Pain Care for Many Elderly Cancer Patients, African-Americans Go Short of Pain-Killing Drugs