Androgen Blockade For Metastatic Prostate Cancer

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Dr. Gerald Chodak outlines controversy over antiandrogens

Men fighting metastatic prostate cancer may be frustrated to discover that doctors disagree with one another. For example, a lot of controversy surrounds the question of whether to block male hormones from the adrenal gland by use of a drug such as bicalutamide (Casodex). In a video, Dr. Gerald Chodak, a Chicago urologist, discusses how to maximize survival.

Dr. Chodak has been a urologist and prostate disease specialist for almost 30 years. He has extensive experience in teaching and educating patients and physicians about prostate cancer and benign prostate disease. He has lectured in 14 countries and has published over 150 original articles on these topics. He was instrumental in helping form US TOO, an international support group for men with prostate cancer and their significant others.

Here is Dr. Chodak's video on Combined Androgen Blockade For Men With Metastatic Prostate Cancer. By acknowledging that combined hormonal blockade is controversial, he is far from closing down discussions which you may need to have with your own doctor(s). He is suggesting very strongly that in his opinion, the evidence shows survival benefit for combined hormonal blockade. Whether a man opts for the chance of living longer or prefers to avoid possible side risks and side effects is an individual patient's choice.

The ongoing series of videos is posted on his website and on YouTube. Dr. Chodak also participates occasionally in a leading prostate cancer patient mailing list, PPML. His goals for his website are ones that PSA Rising website has pursued since 1997. In his own words, Dr. Chodak states his goals as:

  • Educate patients about prostate disease and prostate cancer
  • Inform patients of all the treatment options along with the risks and benefits
  • Empower patients to ask good questions of their doctors and share in the decision about their treatment

Treatments - Hormonal