Penile Rehabilitation and Impotency Videos

Chicago urologist Gerald Chodak MD has launched an innovative doctor-to-patient series of videos. "This is an evidence-based site," Dr. Chodak says, "aimed at providing free information in an easier format than the usual sites that require reading. Over 60 videos are now completed on every aspect of this disease."

Once past the loud intro music, his videos -- like good office consults -- are clear and direct introductions to almost every topic that may bring a man to a urologist to talk about prostate health or prostate cancer. Of course a patient (and his significant other) can't, in this case, bring up their own questions. And 4 minute videos don't go into depth. Also, these videos are strictly face-the-camera chats, without visual aids. But these videos may guide you to raise relevant questions with your own doctor, might help you evaluate the answers you're receiving, and will help put you on a sound path.

As we focus this week on sexual side-effects of prostate cancer treatments and how men cope with them, here's Dr. Chodak's talk on Penile Rehabilitation.

As followup you might want to watch Dr. Chodak's talk on Treatments for Impotence after Prostate Cancer Therapy. If you and your partner are looking for an excellent E mail support group (listserv), check out The Prostate Cancer Intimacy List (PCAI), one of the most active groups run by Nancy Peress at

For many more videos visit Dr. Chodak's website