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Vaccines and Immune System Therapies

New Method of Teaching Immune System to Recognize PSMA Prostate Cancer Marker

Vaccine trial, Phase 1, ongoing in Rhode Island for advanced prostate cancer patients. Posted April 20, 2009

PROVENGE Significantly Prolongs Survival in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer in Pivotal Phase 3 IMPACT Study (Dendreon p-r) April 14, 2008

Dendreon announcement prior to AUA annual meeting. Posted April 20, 2009

CureVac Receives IND Approval from the FDA to start its Phase I/IIa mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trial in Prostate Cancer. Tuebingen (Germany), January 5, 2009.

Provenge prostate cancer vaccine linked to longer survival for asymptomatic hormone refractory stage -- UCSF study. June 28, 2006.

Provenge Vaccine "Significantly Improves" Survival In Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer February 17, 2005


Cell Genesys Begins Second Phase 3 Clinical Trial Of GVAX® Vaccine For Prostate Cancer July 5, 2005

Gvax Prostate Cancer Vaccine Demonstrates Antitumor Activity December 11, 2000


Vaccinia-based Vaccine Shows Promise for Treating Nonmetastatic Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer July 2005

Vaccinia Virus and Fowlpox Vaccines in Phase II Trial for Prostate Cancer 2000; results - updated 2004


Adoptive Immunotherapy - Steps Toward Overcoming Biological Obstacles to Cell Therapy for Cancer February 16, 2006

Immune Stimulants May Help Antibody-Based Drugs Fight Cancer Jan 1, 2006

Combination Hormone/Vaccine Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Benefit Patients Whose Disease Returns July 25, 2005

New Breast Cancer Vaccine Trial to Target Early-Stage Cancers August 3, 2005


MICs shed light on prostate cancer August 16, 2004.

Counseling Boosts Immunity in Breast Cancer Patients September 22, 2004


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